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Tips for Lambada Dance

Puja Lalwani
Get cold feet at the thought of dancing? Try out the Lambada, which is simple, easy to master, and requires very loose body movements.
The Lambada originated in Brazil at a time when it was still a Portuguese colony. It originated from the Carimbo, which was a simple and sensual dance. The clothes worn during the dance were mainly skirts for women, and long trousers for men.
The basis of the dance is mainly movements from side to side, and never from front to back, inspired by the Carimbo. Due to its movements, and popular appeal, this sensuous dance was given a new name, the Lambada, meaning 'strong hit' in Portuguese. Mainly performed in a wave-like manner, it is a very fluid dance as compared to the other Latin dance forms.

Dance Steps

The Lambada is best danced barefoot. Also, don't keep your body too rigid or stiff, as it is all about swaying wave-like movements. Take a look at these basic steps.
  • Stand up on your toes. Lambada is basically danced on the balls of the feet, which is why it is best danced barefoot. This is the position you will have to remain in throughout the dance.
  • Another characteristic is the closeness to one's partner. Don't shy away from getting close. The man firmly holds the woman with his right hand at her lower back, and holds her right hand with his left hand, while taking the lead in the dance.
The woman places her left hand on the man's left shoulder, and gives her right hand in his left hand. Remember that this dance is meant to be sensuous.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent. Twist your feet towards the left and then the right, as if stumping a cigarette butt. Also, either foot has to be alternated in this process, while gently swaying the hips.
  • Once you have adjusted to these steps and are comfortable with the rhythm of the music, start moving your upper body. When your lower body moves left, your shoulders will twist to the right and vice versa.
  • Furthermore, add slight, and not rigorous, head movements in the direction of your hips while dancing.
  • To break this monotonous dance routine, several steps can be added to keep the dance going. Turns are a great way to add some spice to this dance. One way is for the couple to raise their arms in the air, while the woman spins, and then returns to the basic position.
  • Another way is for the woman to spin out and back in the opposite direction, and back to the same position.
  • The woman leans backwards, while resting on her partner's leg, with him supporting her back with his left hand. With the right hand, he protects her from falling backwards.
  • The couples may separate from each other, do a half turn sideways, and return to the basic position. However, when this is done, every move should be mirrored, to maintain proper coordination.
To achieve the right effect while performing the Lambada, keep your body fluid, and open to movement. As mentioned before, it is all about swaying motions, and a rigid posture will make the dance lose its appeal.
Keep in mind the sensuousness and softness required of this dance form, and you will be able to perform these dance steps with ease. All you need is to let go of your mind and body, and sway just as the music guides you.