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Techno Dance Moves

Shalu Bhatti
Techno dancing is perhaps the way to feel and be a part of the groove that makes a party, 'the' party! If you need to learn some steps to get in sync with those techno beats, then this story will guide your hands and feet and help you perform some cool moves, that will get all the eyes on you.
Techno music is same electronic music with those powerful and repetitive beats that make your body groove with the tune. This is what the disc jockeys play at rave parties and clubs. The music itself is so appealing, with prominent and easy-to-catch beats, that adapting some interesting dance moves won't be difficult for those who know how to move their body
For those who are afraid to do so, due to the fear that your feet and beat won't coordinate, let me tell you, it is not that hard. Of course, there are some professional dancers who might scare you by doing those extraordinary moves, but don't let that happen. Dancing is meant for enjoyment, and let it be just that.

How to Dance to Techno Music

Dancing to any music is worth it, if and only if you enjoy it. Techno dancing is nothing but the ability to swing your body by catching the rhythm and beats, which generally follow a pattern of 1-2-3-4 count in 2 seconds. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you incorporate some cool steps.

Feel the Music

Dancing is just transforming your feelings into movements. The best things are felt when the eyes are closed. Music is that one thing that has the power to connect with the soul and senses. So, just close your eyes and catch the beats of the music playing around you.

Let Your Body Loose

A stiff body cannot move! Dancing is swinging your body like waves of the sea. After the first step, when you have felt the beat and the rhythm of the music, you need to just surrender your body to the waves of the rhythm. Just allow the music to take control of your movements.

Stop Getting Conscious

The worst thing that can happen to you on the dance floor, is to want to dance to your favorite songs, but stop yourself because you don't know what to do. Even if you catch the beat, many a time, the consciousness overtakes the urge to tap the toes. If that happens with you, just relax and shoo away the consciousness. The best thing about techno music is that there is no set format or step to follow. Almost any step that matches the beat can work.

Nod the Head

It's time for some physical action! First, start by nodding your head, remember, nodding and not banging. Consider your head to be a gentle pendulum. Catch the beat and start nodding your head in sync with it.

Tap Your Feet

Coordinate the beat of the songs that are playing, to the head and toes. Remember the beats which are very strong and fast. Catch the 1-2-3-4 pattern of the music and start moving your head and toes. Slide your neck accordingly, as per the rhythm, and there you are, beginning a perfect dance move.

Swing Your Body

Once your head and feet are set in motion, just close your eyes and allow the music to swing your body. Don't try to overdo it if you are new to it. Just move with the beats. Consider this to be the first step and save your aggression until you master the art.

Some Simple Steps to Try

The previous section briefed you about the ABC of techno dancing. Once you have got the hang of it, you can try doing the easy moves mentioned below. These are fairly simple and once mastered, they can be combined with other difficult moves to get you to the next level.

The Up-down Hula Hoop

This involves being a little more flexible and not rigid. Firstly, relax your muscles and get into the rhythm of the music. The music can have varied beats and bass structures―fast or in double beats, varying in tempo and sync.
Place your hands on your hips (this works best for the ladies), and keeping it stiff, move only your bottom half in a circular motion (that is very hula hoop-like) and make your way down to the ground, constantly circling and twisting yourself up and down.
Every time you twist, make it go hand in hand with beat, so that you're twirling your hips, nodding your head, with your legs slightly parted, and dipping yourself down and up in a sexy manner. Use a pole or erected structure for support to help you practice part of dipping low and gliding up, with your hips rotating in a smooth, and not so rigid fashion.

The Sideways Hula Hoop

The previous move can also be done sideways, wherein you are moving your body in the same fashion while standing at the same place, and just swinging the upper portion of your body sideways, in tune with the beat!

Run for Da Music

This move appears more or less like running softly, with you being at the same place. Close your hands and form a fist, like you do while running! Lift them up till your chest and then bring your right fist forward in a circular motion. As you do that, gently lift your left leg and slide it a little towards the back.
Continue the circular motion, and this time, keep your right fist behind and bring forth your left fist, with your right leg sliding back. Continue this movement while coordinating with the beats. This works well only if you let your body loose. You can practice this in front of the mirror and improvise.

Be like a Snake Dancing Techno

This works with a flexible body that can move like a snake! Use your upper body to first move outward like a serpent, as your hips thrust out simultaneously. You can keep your hands on sides of your head, shifting it left and right to the beat, and moving to-and-fro.

Sideways Snake Dancing

You can alternate the previous move with moving in the same fashion, but side-to-side with arms mimicking your body, or with your arms being raised in a semi-elevated pose.


If you want to bust a move with a partner, then you can have them facing forward with you standing in a position where your back is towards them.
Ask your partner to stretch his/her arms out, by your side, swaying from side to side, and you in turn, imitate the previous hula hoop step, slowly making your way down and then up, with your partner being a support structure (like say if you were to stand with your back against the wall).
Practice against a wall, to allow yourself to find that balance in fluidity to make it less uncomfortable.
You can practice these steps at home or with the help of a partner. Practice while you feel the music, this is all that takes to master this dancing style. Keep it grooving. All the best!