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Tap Dance Basics: Tap Dance Shoes and Wear

Kashmira Lad
Dance is one of the most creative ways of expressing one's emotions. In this article, you will come across some tap dance basics and how to infuse an element of interest in your dance, with the right pair of tap dance shoes and dance wear.
Like any other dance that requires effort, dedication, practice, and style, the tap dance is also an interesting form of dancing that needs to be mastered with a lot of practice. This is a very exciting form of dance, which requires the dancer to wear special shoes that are equipped with metal taps that gives it the distinct sound to the dance.
The dance basically involves a lot of transfer of the body weight, and the main goal of tap dancing is to produce clear, clean sounds, with various levels of tone. Here, the tap dancers need to keep their knees and ankles relaxed at all times.
They use their feet like drums in order to creates rhythmic patterns along with timely beats. They need to dance on the ball of their feet, to produce the tapping sound, which is produced when the metal plates on the dancer's shoes touch the hard floor. This is basically how tap dance has derived its name.

Significance of Warm-up

  • Before beginning with the basics of tap dance, most classes begin with a very good warm-up in order to stretch the muscles of the legs and feet.
  • This is because tap dance if a very vigorous form of dance, and the dancers need to maintain a very good exercise routine with loads of aerobics to build up the stamina.
  • One requires a lot of dedication to master the techniques of tap dance.
  • To begin, one needs to focus on learning the single tap steps.
  • The dancers need to be able to produce clear tap sounds as they try each step.
  • The basics of tap dance include the flap, brush, shuffle, and the ball change.
  • One also needs to develop the technique needed to shift the body weight, which is done, on the balls of the feet.
  • This is extremely helpful when it comes to developing the steps and the style.

Tap Dance Shoes

  • Shoes for the tap dance form one of the most essential parts of the dance wear.
  • The make and style of every shoe is different and buying the right one will help you perfect the moves on the dance floor.
  • Always remember to avoid rubber soles, because they tend to get stuck to the floor.
  • These shoes are available in different styles. Most tap dancers prefer to wear flat shoes as compared to heels; with the well-fitted shoes scoring high over the loose-fitting ones.
  • You must always keep one thing in mind when it comes to the selection of the shoes - the taps (two on each), should be of the equal width as the heels and the toes.
  • Also, keep in mind to check the sole of the tap dance shoe.
  • These need to be firm and offer the stability for the tap dancers.
  • There are two kinds of soles available, full and split. The split soles are known to offer more flexibility.
  • Next, you also need to consider the heel of the shoe. Beginners prefer flat heels when they begin their first steps.
  • As one progresses and gains a firm foothold over the steps, one can go in for heeled footwear.
  • The shoes need to be able to produce the right sound while you are dancing. This depends on the screws that are used for the taps on the shoes.
  • These can be adjusted as per your needs so that you have the right kind of sound while dancing.

Tap Dance Wear

  • The dress needs to be designed in such a manner that it gives ample freedom of movement to the tap dancers.
  • The beginners need to use a single costume, which would help them feel comfortable for the dance performance.
  • It also keeps these tap dance wear affordable for many, and there is no hassle involved of changing and managing the costumes between the performances.
  • To get a different look for the dance performance, one can use a hint of accessories that can help to alter the single costume to have a different look.
  • You can begin with a basic leotard and make use of accessories, like hats, sequined armbands, and fringed skirts.
  • For innovative ideas, you can turn to tap dance based movies that offer you ideas in terms of choreography and dressing styles.
  • You can have a thematic costume designed or try for a mature look with bell-bottoms and short dresses to add interest to your entire dance performance.
So, put on your dancing shoes and discover the passion and joy that is experienced through tap dancing. Not only does tap dancing give you relief from the stress, it can also prove to be a great workout session!