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Tango Dance Steps That Make You Feel the Rhythm

Saptakee Sengupta
If you are eager to groove your body along with your partner, then this story will let you loose with the tango dance steps. Catch the beats now.
Eros and Aeon returned home after the jazz show got over. The couple being young, was brimming with energy and enthusiasm at late night. They were overwhelmed with the jazz effect. Eros threw herself on the bed and Aeon lied down beside her. They looked at each other seductively, as if the jazz cast a spell of aphrodisiac desire. 
But all of a sudden, Aeon sprang out of the bed and pulled Eros by her hand, close to his bosom. Aeon whispered in her ears; "The day started with music and let it end with music, my lady love, are you ready to do some tango with me?" Eros nodded her head with a sparkle in her eyes. 
Aeon held by her waist and Eros gripped his shoulder tightly. Their eyes transfixed into each others and a burning passion filled their veins. Without feeling an iota of exhaustion, they tapped their feet sensuously to the rhythm of tango dance steps.
After reading the story of Eros and Aeon, ain't you eager to learn the tango dance steps? Tango dance and tango music both originated in South America. Uruguay, Buenos Aires and Argentina were the first states to practice tango and then this dance form gained popularity world wide.
Different styles of Tango include Tango Argentino, Tango Liso, Tango Uruguayo, Ballroom Tango, Tango Salon, Finnish Tango, etc.

Basic Tango Dance Steps

The best way to start tango dancing is to follow this simple trick. There are five parts in tango dance namely T-A-N-G-O. Follow the points and take your position in front of a mirror.
  • T (slow): Start with your left foot, lead your left foot forward slowly and then step back with your right foot.
  • A (slow): Take your right foot forward now and step back with the left.
  • N (quick): Take a small left step forward and step to the side with the left foot itself.
  • G (quick): Step forward with right foot and then step aside to the right just like you did with the left foot. "Collect" your foot and don't move diagonally.
  • O (slow): Slowly drag the left foot towards the right and join the feet. Repeat the same steps.
Tango dance is very romantic. Apart from agility, you and your partner must have good chemistry and eye contact. Learn the tango dance steps along with the correct position of your bodies.
  • Face your partner, stand up straight and place yourself close to each other with torsos touching.
  • Ladies, raise your right hand and put your left hand lightly on your partner's right shoulder.
  • Look towards the left with your chin up
  • The man now needs to stand's straight and grasp his lady's right hand loosely in his left hand. Put your right hand on her back and clasp by her waist. Hold your partner's lower back and extend her arm to the side.
  • Ladies, your left hand should be on your partner's right shoulder and you should also look towards left.
  • Once you are into this position, bring your feet together to start the tango.
  • Now follow the basic T-A-N-G-O dance steps (mentioned above). Tango steps are more glide on across the dance floor.
  • After the two slow steps, remember to shift your weight to the left in case of women and right in case of men. Move your feet in an L shape pulling it back and then stepping forward. These two steps are done quickly.
  • The last step is a slow/touch step. Raise your right heel a little off the floor, while your right toe touching the floor. Repeat the same with your left toe.
  • Every step has to be performed by both the feet and by both partners.
  • Practice these basic steps many times to free your feet. Once you are adept with the basics, try more intricate steps.
  • Relax, glide and sway gracefully to do the tango.

Other Forms of Tango

The Argentine tango is one of the most dramatic and passionate dance. One of the most important characteristics of Argentine tango is that the male fuels the dance steps with intense aggression and passion. The dance is like a puzzle with blocks of walking, turning, stopping and swaying.
Men and women follow own styles and embellishments to bring excitement in their dance form. The Argentine steps vary from the American steps to some extent. American tango is highly stylized form of Argentine tango. It has Hollywood style dance steps mixed in it. 
American tango is also called ballroom tango and has different postures, movements, and steps. Tango music and balance is also different for Argentine tango. American tango dance steps are improvisation of Argentine ones. Today Tango dance has crossed all boundaries and has spread to Europe and Asia also.
Initially you can practice the steps yourself in front of mirror and then start dancing with your partner. Tango dance steps are very sensuous. Step and tap gracefully. Let the music play and do the tango.