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Modern Dances for Beginners

Mukta Gaikwad
Modern dances for beginners are still evolving and hence are often improvisational. This quality of modern dances, allows the dancer to experiment with the dance style and thereby learn the dance with an ease.
So, you think you can dance? Who cares whether it is a yes or a no! Dance is a form of expression and not a competition. Since the ancient times, dances were mediums of expression, social interactions, narrations and even spiritual awakenings.
Deities and demons, both believed in the power of rhythmic movements. This gave birth to traditional dance forms all over the world, which are ardently practiced even today. Performing these dance forms takes years of training and practice.
Not everyone gets the chance to learn these, which makes the dream of many, to be a dancer, a forlorn one. However, as modern dance forms are shaping up, there is a huge teaching industry growing with it, which allows an easy access to learning them.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is a dance form that amalgamates ballet, modern and post modern dance forms. It explores postures and styles beyond the classical moves. Interestingly, it does not follow any dance philosophy, but has its own expressions.
This precise premise of contemporary dance, gives the aspirant a new platform to seek the joy of dancing. Energy, passion, fluidity in movements and improvisation are some of the cornerstones of this dance form. This is totally a dance for beginners as it gives one a chance to get to know dance is a fresh perspective.

Hip Hop

The verve and vigor of hip hop dance moves, is totally meant for those who think of dance beyond the restricting classics. So, if you think you can move with an unquestionable ease, this genre is absolutely the one that you've got to experiment.
Jumpy moves characterized by rap music with a heavy influence of break dancing, are some of the undertones of this form of dancing.


The origin of jazz roots in the African-American and the Caribbean culture. However, in the recent years it has seen great changes. It does not adhere to any special dress as in Latin American dances like Salsa, Jive and Rhumba.
So, pick your favorite casual clothes but, ensure you buy the right shoes to prevent any leg injuries. A lot of stretching, chaines, piques, pirouettes, leaps include grande jetes, turning jumps, tour jetes and signature jazz walk are the dance moves which dominate this style of dance.

Street Dance

Street dance is a term which overarches the freestyle dancing in dance studios, streets, parks, blocks and nightclubs. These are absolutely improvisational and interactive in nature.
As this dance form has no prescribed form of dance moves or music, a beginner must try it. With such a flexibility, learning this dance will help you dance like a professional! This dance form definitely improves agility along with hand and body coordination.
Modern dances for beginners are the ones which do not have a definite style. These are still in their stages of evolution, which makes it easier for a beginner to blend in and experiment with the moves.
For those trying to learn dance as a form of expression, the aforementioned styles are perfect. They will give you a chance to explore your innate talent and a scope to experiment as well. Learning a dance takes an open mind, willingness to learn and patience coupled with practice.
Perfecting the dance moves takes a little while. Practicing it everyday and giving yourself time to understand each and every move will teach you finer nuances of the chosen dance forms. So, pick up any of these dance styles and unleash your imagination to express yourself differently!