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Line Dancing Steps

Aparna Jadhav
Line dancing is a great group activity, but not a couple dance. There are many types of dances that can be done in this unique style of dancing. Here are the steps listed for you.
Line dancing is a choreographed dancing style which has repeated sequences of steps, and is done by a group of people standing in one or more lines, irrespective of their sex. They all face in one direction, executing the same step uniformly. There are different dances that can be done in a line, and hence, this style is called line dancing.
One more rule is that the dancers cannot come in physical contact with each other. Some older line dances had the dancers holding each other's hands, but in most cases, it's an individual affair.
Most of the folk dances in olden times were line dances, as men and women could not dance as a couple due to social barriers. Some of the most common line dances are Blue Boy, Canadian Stomp, At the Hop, Cowgirl's Twist, The Hustle, and Rock around the clock. These dances are generally planned and taught with a dancing steps sheet.
This story has an elaborated description about each step, and gives a clear idea about the performance to beginners. When you're performing line dancing, you must have rhythm in your body in sync with the music.

Hand Jive

You need to pat your hands twice on your knees if you're sitting, and thighs if you're standing. Then clap your hands twice and cross them over with your right hand below your left. Do the same with your right hand above the left.
Making fists, hit your hands together twice, first right hand on top and then the left one on the top. Then make a thumbs-up with your right hand and point it to the back, over your shoulder (twice). Do this with your left hand, and then repeat all these steps until the music stops.


This is another cool step, where you have to step to the right with your right foot, and then bring your left foot to the right. Bring it behind your right foot and then repeat the same step again. Do this slowly and smoothly till the music is on―you can do it in any desired direction.

Brush Kick

On the beats of the music, touch your right toe to the floor next to your left foot, and then kick your right foot in the forward direction to do the brush kick. Repeat this step with both the feet as long as the music plays. You can combine the brush kick with the grapevine step to do them a little faster.
You can even include in hand jive while doing your foot movements to add coordination with the music.
Line dancing can be done in various ways and in various directions. Each of the dances included in line dancing consist of a number of walls or a direction in which the dancers face at any given time.

One Wall Dance

The dancers face in the same direction throughout the dance sequences.
Two Wall Dance
When the sequences are repeated, they end in alternate front and back directions or walls. Dancers turn 180 degrees alternately after each sequence.
Four Wall Dance
In this type, the dancers turn 90 degrees to the right and left after each sequence. In the Hustle line dance, they turn 90 degrees left after each step.
These steps are not only easy to perform but also fun to do. If you've never been a part of such an enthusiastic style of dancing, get yourself enrolled into one of these dance groups right away.