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Jazz Dance Costumes

Pragya T
Mentioned in this story are tips on choosing simple and fashionable jazz dancing costume costumes and styles for women, men and kids...
Just like in a workout, where you wear comfortable clothes like track pants and t-shirt and the right shoes, you need to select the appropriate attire for jazz dance as it is also a kind of workout.
Wearing the right shoes and clothes that allow easy dancing is important. With comfort combine fashion, and you will have great dance costumes.
Here are a few tips on selecting these costumes, and some of the clothing options for men, women and kids for jazz dancing.

How to Select a Costume

You should keep in mind the tips given below when you go shopping for the costumes, be it for a competition or for your jazz class.
  • Seek advice from your dance instructor, and note down the apparels you will require for dance classes, to avoid buying any clothes which you will not wear.

  • You can also ask your instructor about the material of clothing, the brands, the styles and colors as not only do some instructors tend to be strict about the costumes, but there are different types of costumes for competitions as well.
  • The fabric should be such that it can stretch at every angle to allow easy movement during jazz dancing. The best materials are the ones made with either lycra or spandex. Most pants are a pull-on type of stretchy pants which fit and cling easily to the body; these pants are worn over a leotard or some tight-fitting top.
  • You can cover your dance apparel with dance sweaters, wraps or leggings. These clothes also help to warm up, which is necessary to avoid any muscle injuries or body soreness.
  • Another important thing to shop for are jazz shoes. For shoes, again seek advice from your instructor. Jazz shoes are soft leather shoes which have a flexible sole. There can be many styles like lace-up or slip-on, or sneaker-style, so it is imperative to select one that fits you well and is comfortable.

Costume Ideas to Consider

You can check online catalogs, and look for places which supply dance costumes. If you are on a tight budget, then you can even rent these costumes. There are many places from which you can buy the clothes; do a bit of research to get the best deals on these apparels. Below are the different styles of jazz dancing costumes for kids, women, and men.

For Kids

There are many beautiful materials and patterns available in children's clothing. But basically it will be a spandex or nylon leotard with an attached skirt or tutu. There are different patterns and styles available like flowers, butterflies, and other patterns that children can choose from.

For Women

There are even more styles, patterns, and colors available for women's clothing as compared to children's clothing.
There are sexy skirts, shorts, one piece bright dresses, beautiful tops, or bikini-style tops, but make sure you consult your instructor before you start your shopping, to avoid buying something that doesn't match with your partner or dance group.

For Men

Among the many bright and funky clothes available for women, it is very possible to forget about men's clothing for jazz dancing . But, men can also jazz it up by wearing some bright-colored tops with a button-up style like the tee styles, and accompany it with black pants, suspenders, and hats.
Keeping in mind the above tips while shopping for the costumes can help you choose the right style of clothes for this dance. Also make sure you accessorize with the right stuff like shoes, belts, and hats, so that your attire looks even more jazzy!