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Hustle Dance Steps

Aparna Jadhav
The hustle, which is a very famous disco dance move was extremely popular in the 1970s. Take a look at some hustle dance steps that can be used in ballrooms and nightclubs.
Hustle dance originated in the Hispanic communities in New York and Florida. They are based on older dances like the mambo and have some steps from famous dancing styles like the swing dance and salsa. The original Hustle in the 1970s went by many names like the Latin Hustle, Same Foot Hustle, Tango Hustle and the New York Hustle. It was included in many line dances as well, and traditionally is still practiced in some cultures.

Basic Hustle Dance Steps

Hustle is a partner dance which is easy to learn and can be enjoyed as a partner or couple dance. Sometimes beginners find it difficult to do these simple Hustle steps with the three-count pattern. But once you've learned it, you can be the best at it. So find out some swanky yet elegant Hustle dance moves which can pay you an applause.

Step 1

To start with these basic Hustle steps, you need to choose the proper music. You can either use a retro disco track by Donna Summer or the Bee Gees or settle for some hip-hop and rap music. For beginners to learn the Hustle in a particular tempo, you can use a song with about 100 to 125 beats per minute.

Step 2

Hustle is a partner dance so you will have to choose a partner and then stand facing each other. Hold your hands and together step to the same side. Then get your feet back in the same place. This step is called 'touch together'. Now step to the other side and do a ball change. When you're doing these steps, familiarize yourself with the three count pattern i.e. 1, 2 and 3.

Step 3

In this step, move towards your partner on count 1. Both you and your partner should move towards each other on count 2 and then take a step forward again on the third count. For the three count steps do the four movements; one ball change, walk, walk and second ball change.

Step 4

To make the ball change step a little easier, do it by shifting your weight from the ball of one foot to the other. Follow this step with a quick step with the other foot. When you do the weight transfer of the ball change step, you split the end of a music beat forming four movements in three counts.

Step 5

Once you've mastered these basic steps, you can learn a few major ones. This step needs the male partner to turn outwards instead of inward and complete his steps to the side by shifting his weight to the left on count 1. Then he is supposed to move to the right on count 3 turning his partner to face him again. Following this, both the partners roll out and do an underarm turn before returning to the basic steps.

Step 6

You need to practice these dance for 32 beats without hopping, bouncing or overextending your arms.
Ball change: The ball change is nothing but another series of simple steps. Placing your left foot about 6 inches in front of your right foot, take one step forward with your right foot. Then take a step forward with your left foot. Following this, take a small step with your right foot and step back with your left foot repeating the first step. Make sure your posture is straight up. This is a ball change step which can be followed by a short walk and then another ball change with the opposite feet.
With these simple Hustle dance steps, you can have a great time using them in nightclubs or even in family functions. All you need are your dancing shoes and a partner to sway with.