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How to Make a Tutu Without Sewing

Tulika Nair
If your little one has a new found interest in ballet, then chances are that she will need a tutu. Instead of spending money on buying one, here's a quick way to make one without touching a needle and a thread.
Watching a popular movie on dance can have your little one throwing tantrums about taking up dance lessons. If your daughter is keen on ballet dancing and is excited about doing pirouettes and plies, in cute little tutus, then it is time for you to start honing your skills in making them.
Because you will need to have a stock of tutus in different colors and combinations ready for her different recitals. The easiest way to do so is to make one without sewing. It will save your time, and it is much easier to make, especially if you are a disaster when it comes to needlecraft. Here are easy steps that will help answer your question.

Tutu Making Without Sewing

To make a tutu you need a few essential items. The most important of these things is an elastic band of considerable width. If you do not want to use staple pins to close the elastic band once you have measured it around your child, buy a band of her size that is closed at both ends. This is easily available at any arts and crafts store.
The other important thing that you will need to purchase is the material that you need to make the dress. The best material would be tulle, as it falls as a ballet one must. Depending on whether you want to make a multi-colored or a single toned one, select the material that you want. Other than this you will need a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.
Now that you know what the things required are, let us move on the actual procedure for the same.
  • The first decision is what to make: a tutu skirt or a tutu dress. Dresses need quite a bit of sewing, so we suggest you stick to skirt.
  • Next decide on what the length of the skirt will be. This will decide the length of the material. For example, if you need a skirt that is 20 inches long, then the length of the tulle needs to be around 40 inches.
  • After this, cut out enough strips of tulle to go around the elastic band. Let the width of each of these tulle pieces be approximately 6 inches.
  • The next job for you would be to measure out the elastic band that will go around your child's waist (in case you have not bought a closed band). Once you have measured it, cut the elastic band with a little extra length, and staple the ends together.
  • Now you can start attaching the pieces of tulle to the band. All you need to do is place the center of the tulle piece on the elastic. Pull it at both sides and ensure that they are equal, and tie a knot with the tulle. Repeat this with all the other pieces of tulle.
  • Once they are all tied to the elastic band, you can spread out the pieces evenly.
Once you have learned the basics, you can accessorize it the way you want with sequins and lace. You can also use the method to make a layered tutu. If your daughter is insistent that about wearing a halter with a tutu skirt, then you can buy a ready-made halter in the same shade as the cloth that you have bought, and attach it to the skirt.