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How to Do Zumba and Keep Yourself Fit

Amruta Gaikwad
The youth today, is showing great interest in different forms of fitness. Zumba is among the common forms of dance that many want to learn for fitness purpose. Here are a few easy steps towards learning this dance form.
Zumba is a Latin dance fitness program, which is gaining popularity in many health and fitness hubs. Alberto Perez created this dance form, which was then promoted by Alberto Perlman.
With its popularity, the dance came to be recognized by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, American Council on Exercise and IDEA Health and Fitness Association. This form of dance is safe and is a natural way of losing weight. With planned sessions, many people have shed unnecessary pounds and achieved a well toned body.
There are many other exercises that help to reduce weight, but, after a while it gets monotonous to follow the regular exercise regime. There are many youngsters, who are aiming for Zumba certification to become good instructors and make fitness more exciting. It is a great way to shed those extra pounds and gives the best and quick results too.
This form of fitness is based on Latin music. Therefore, most of the dance movements flow with the type of music. This dance form is a mixture of slow and fast dance moves which also focuses on the muscles of your body and helps in toning and shaping them.
The interval and resistance training principles used through this dance fitness program, helps burn more calories and fat. The graceful movements work well on body parts such as legs, glutes, abs and arms. The continuous movement of the body, increases blood flow, providing more oxygen to the heart.
The dance movements are closely related to the movements used in other Latin American Dances such as Salsa, Mambo, Flamenco and Merengue. The easy and supple steps are easy to perform, which brings in more flexibility in the movement of your body. Swinging of arms, turning and twisting of hips and toe tapping are some of the common moves in this dance.
However, these movements require a certain music theme to perform the steps. The advantage of learning this dance, is that it makes the workout more fun and enjoyable. Just doing the dance for an hour is more than enough, to attain the perfect body.
From teenagers to adults, people from all age groups can undertake this dance and learn the art of graceful body movements and still lose weight. So, put on a comfortable pair of clothing and shoes and tap your feet to Zumba style dancing.

Some Basic Steps

● Merengue is among the well-known Latin American dances. This dance form can be used to start the basic steps of your dance fitness sessions. The dancer, without lifting the legs too high should do the marching movement with slightly rotating the hands gracefully in circular motions.
● As you master the basic body movement and get into the flow, add some of the Salsa steps. The dancer has to slowly begin the movement of hips from right to left.
Once you get the right movement, move the right foot to the side keeping the left one grounded and move back the right to the center. Follow the same for the left leg. This forms a very basic salsa step to get you ready for more difficult levels.
● Steal some of the dance movements from the Columbian Folk dance, Cumbia. Step your right foot back and slightly to the side, forming a slight curve from your shoulders to your foot. Step back the right foot keeping it near your left foot.
Wait for the beat and continue the same step with your left foot. Once you have understood the movement of your feet, begin to move the torso as you move your feet back and forth. Naturally blend the movement of the hands with your body.
● Once you have learned the basic body movement, you can add more style to the steps by adding some hip hop or belly dancing movements.
The music and moving the body to the rhythm, makes the workout ideal and pleasurable.
Music is the key ingredient of this fitness form, as it relieves the mind from stress and pressure. Music and dance both play a key role in curing many health ailments too. Therefore, take up classes in your nearby gym or a tutorial and design your own fitness program.