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How to Buy Ballet Shoes

Amruta Gaikwad
Ballet is a difficult and yet graceful dance form. Hence, youth today show a lot of interest in learning ballet. The right costume and shoes are essential to dance with comfort and ease. So here are a few tips for purchasing ballet shoes.
Ballet is a performance dance, which has been in existence since 15th century and later flourished in France, England and Russia.
Classical, Neoclassical and contemporary are a few types in ballet dances. Every form of these dances come with different set of rules and level. The first two ballet types are based more on traditional dance movements, while contemporary is the adaptation of classical and neoclassical ballet dances.
Learning ballet styles and technique is difficult. Its unique style and movements, requires one to wear the right costume and shoes. Wearing the right costume makes the dancer feel comfortable and helps him/her move with ease too.
The unique and pretty looking shoes worn for ballet dances look very unique and makes the feet look graceful.
As this dance form includes the most difficult styles, such as performing the steps on toes, it is important to purchase a pair of good quality shoes to avoid injuries.
Before we look into how to buy the ballet shoes, let's learn a bit about the design of these shoes and purpose behind this peculiar design.
These light weight shoes are specifically designed for ballet dances as they enhance the flexibility and help maintain proper posture and balance. The shoes are made from leather or satin with thin soles.
Earlier these shoes came in light or nude colors, such as, pink or white. However, now they come in more different colors. As the difficulty level of the dance increases, Pointe shoes are often used. These shoes are used, when the dancers begin to perform steps on the tips of the toes, which is known as pointe work.
These shoes come in different fit with a hard flat covering at the front of the feet. This enables a better balance to the dancer. Hence, to get the right ballerinas here are a few tips.

Buying the Right Ballerinas

● Every individual's feet is unique and needs a different fit. Many try to buy bigger size shoes from the fear that the shoes will shrink. But, it is important to buy shoes which tightly fit your feet. This enhances flexibility and helps in balancing better.
● As seen earlier, these shoes come in different materials. Leather is more tough and blends well with the size of the feet, while canvas is more on the casual side and suit the dancers from the advanced batch.
● These shoes come in different styles and are designed according to the difficulty level of the dance. As the dance movements get tough, the style of the shoes too change. They are available in full and split soles. Split sole support the arches of feet as you point the toes to the ground. Try out both types of shoes and select the most comfortable ones.
There are different styles in ballerinas and in case you are planning on buying any one of those then here are few more tips, which would help you select the right pair of shoes.

Tips to Buy Ballerinas of Your Choice

Ribbon Ballerinas

As we have seen the steps in buying the ballerinas, there are few who like to have ribbons for their ballerinas. Tie up ballerinas, make the feet look graceful and elegant. The dancer can choose the type of sole as per his/her comfort and sew the desired satin ribbons for the shoes. Use thick threads to sew the ribbons, so that they stay firm.

Pointe Shoes

These shoes are differently designed and are mainly worn by the dancers of higher level. The shoe includes a box at the toes and a shank, which firmly supports the arch of the foot. These shoes appear square at the front, which makes dancing on the tips more comfortable and flexible.
In case you plan to buy these ballerinas, make sure that they fit your feet size and are made from good quality material. With heavy and rigorous dancing steps, these shoes get easily worn out and therefore take precautions to pick out the best quality Pointe Shoes.

Ballerina Slippers

Leather and canvas are used to make these ballet slippers. Leather is warmer, while canvas slippers are cheap and can be washed too. Buy the slippers, that exactly match your feet size.
While trying, do some dance steps and walk a few steps to see the comfort level and the fit. Ballerina slippers are available in half sole and full sole. So, as per your preference you can choose the sole of your ballerina slippers.
These shoes are not only used for performance purposes, but are used for casual wear too. They look fashionable and are becoming favorite among many young girls. So now, go pick up a pair using these tips and dance with extreme comfort and ease.