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How to Perform the Amorous Burlesque Dance

Amruta Gaikwad
Burlesque is a sensuous and exotic dance that originated during the 19th century in Europe. Let us see the write-up and learn to perform this dance.
The burlesque dance is basically a dramatic musical work that is performed on stage. The whole dance act involves mimicry and the theme is usually comical. Dancers require plenty of confidence and attitude in order to perform the perfect dance moves.
It is a difficult dance to learn, which requires a lot of understanding in music and the script of the drama, to bring out the best performance. As this dance involves sensuous movements, the dancer also needs to be comfortable with their body and must be able to dance without hesitation.
To master the dance moves of this dance, you can even plan on joining dance classes. In case a dance class is not possible, then go on reading some of the techniques and moves mentioned further.

Useful Tips

● It's a complicated dance as it requires a proper theme to dance. There are different types of music to dance to, but country and old music are always easy to set the mood and dance. It is extremely necessary to maintain a comical mood throughout your dance performance.
● Posture is another important factor to bring out the right movements. Try wearing heels and improve the posture while dancing. This dance is performed in less and more attractive clothes and heels are a must to complete the outfit. Though initially dancing in heels might hurt you, practice can bring the perfect gait and style.
● The dancers mainly wear corsets, suspender belts, fitted bustier, stockings and long gloves reaching up to the elbow. These should be well fitting to avoid any mishaps.
● Choreography is the next important step to learn the right ways of dancing. This dance includes seductive dance moves and involves actions like winking, flirting and smiling. These moves must be performed by ease to keep the audience rooted throughout your performance. The dancer should be completely aware of the theme and must know the steps thoroughly.
● Burlesque is a dance which includes the act of stripping, which needs to be performed artistically. Try not to make it look vulgar as it might end up embarrassing you. Keep up the confidence and the right attitude as you take off your clothes.
These are few of the methods, which can at least get you started with the dance. Also learning about the origin of this dance can increase your knowledge on it and also help you to understand the dance better.

Dance Moves

Now if you want to choreograph this dance, then here are few steps to get you ready for it.

Drop and Reach

Stand with your feet wide apart, one leg slightly bent forward. Keep a slight bend in your back. Drop down putting your weight in the front leg and as you drop towards the floor completely, lift the heel of the other leg, to make the posture look elegant and comfortable.
As you head back to the straight posture, reach out to your front knee and gradually make your way and throw your hands upward creating a slight arch.

Booty Pops

Keep the legs apart and perform stationary/side lunges up to 2-3 repetitions. Once you have gained control on your lunges, pop out your hips back and forth while performing the lunges. Do not exaggerate the movement, keep it short and rhythmic to the music.

Glove Peel

Wear elbow length gloves in both your hands.
Remove each finger gradually from on the glove and then gently pull out the glove and toss it off. Repeat the same on the other hand. While performing this move, keep slight distance in your legs and a slight bend in the back.
If you are really keen on learning the dance, then nothing should stop you joining dance classes or reading about it and its various sensuous dance moves to become a master in burlesque dancing.