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Electric Slide Dance Steps

Medha Godbole
Electric slide dance is fun to do and not very hard to learn. Also known as electric boogie, it is actually a basic 4 wall line dance. Read along to get an insight on how to do it.
There are some people for whom dancing is synonymous with life and without it, life would come to a stand still. One such dance form, which can totally drive you crazy, is electric slide. It is a member of the league of 'cha-cha' slide. Each style has a wall, the direction in which the dancers face at any given time.
A four wall dance is where the direction at the end of the sequence is 90 degrees to the right or left from the direction in which the dancers were facing at the beginning.

Electric Slide Dance

Jig #1

Choose a music track and kick start with atleast 5 people falling in line, facing in the same direction. Let's say that is the west. Follow that up with a grapevine to the right for the first 4 steps. Then, get the left foot next to the right foot and on the fourth step clap.

Jig #2

For those who are not aware of grapevine, it is a sequence of these basic steps:
  • Side step
  • Step across in front of the support foot
  • Side step
  • Step behind the support foot
  • Repeat all those
Coming back to the electric slide, after doing grapevine for the first 4 steps to the right, grapevine from steps 5 to 8 on the left. Akin to the beginning, end the grapevine by clapping and placing right foot next to the left. Grapevine is imperative if you want to learn the electric slide line dance.

Jig #3

Now, what you have to do is walk backwards for doing the step numbers 9 to 12. Follow that up by stepping on the right, then left, and then right. Again, next to the right, touch the left foot and clap on 12.

Jig #4

For step 13, step forward with the left foot, tapping the right toe on the heel of the left foot, concluding with a clap. That would be number 14. The 15th will comprise a step backwards on the right foot and the 16th will have tapping of left foot at the right heel, ending with a clap. These steps in succession are akin to a rocking motion.

Jig #5

Now, repeat the touch sequence and step numbers 13, 14, 15, and 16 for the steps 17 to 20. For the steps17 and 18, take a stride forward with your left foot and get the right toe to tap on the left heel and clap. For 19th,  go a step back on the right foot. Again, tap the left foot at the right heel, continuing with the clapping for the 20th step.

Jig #6

Last, but not the least, get the left foot forward, counting for step number 21. Take a quarter turn to the left and end with a hop - that was your step number 22!
Finally, after this, the group can change the direction and start from step 1 and dance away to glory till the music ends! We can also include variations in the sequence. Now go on, get into the groove!