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Tips and Advice on Dancing

Buzzle Staff
Dance has been the medium of expression since ages. It involves using your body to communicate your thoughts and feelings.
How to dance is a major question that comes in the minds of people who are new to public dancing. You may be good at dancing alone in your room as a mood elevator or fat burner, but when it comes to doing it socially, you should know the basics. There are different types of dances, that are performed on different occasions.

A Good Instructor

You should learn from a good instructor, as this is essential in teaching you how to take the grip of beats and music. The coordination between various parts of the body along with the music beats, forms the major part of this exercise.
When you are dancing with a partner, the steps and synchronization comes into play; and when you are giving a public performance, the practice and timings are necessary to make a good impression.

Dress Code

The dress also plays a major role in giving a final effect to the performance. The clothes should be such that, they look graceful and match well with the form of dance and the situation.
Make sure you are comfortable in what you decide to wear. Try to use your dress during practice sessions. This will make you comfortable with the dress, and will also provide you with the feel of final performance.


Another important point to take note of is the shoes that you wear. They offer a tool to perform well, and also provide you with the grace and platform you require to perform. They should be comfortable and also look nice at the same time.


Another point to take care of is your expressions. The success of your performance depends on the way you give your facial expressions. Try to give good jolly expressions. Enjoy yourself and do not try to act as if, you are repeating the learned steps.
When you are asked for dance, go ahead and give a jolly expression. Also make sure that you dance with everybody in the party, when the people are known to you. This will also give you a good response from social side. Make sure you and your partner have a good energy level. You can also take short breaks by dancing slowly, while having a drink in your hand.


When you are dancing with a partner in parties, where there was no prior information given to dance with a partner, make sure you try to look the way your partner is dancing, and choose similar steps that suits your partner's step.
When dancing with a partner who is not a good dancer, do not try to show off your skills by letting him or her down. The grace of your dance comes from how the couple performs and hence, try to support your partner. Also do not try to train your partner on the dance floor itself; the audience may not appreciate this.
Dancing is a way of expression and also a social bonding element. It is an art that requires certain rules and code of conduct, unlike other forms of art in which, the artist is free to create anything he likes.