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Cha Cha Dance Steps

Smita Pandit
The foot tapping music and amazing rhythm of Cha Cha makes it a very interesting dance. Read on to know more about the basic Cha Cha dance steps and other dance moves.
Cha Cha is a very popular Latin dance form in which the dancers practice the dance pattern of stepping forward and backward, shifting weight between their feet as they move from side to side. The dancers count the steps as 'Cha Cha Cha'. With time, this dance has evolved. If you want to learn this line dance, you must first learn the basic dance steps.

Cha Cha Dance Moves for Beginners

Back basic and forward basic movements are the basic steps of this dance. Style of dance revolves around the dance steps emerging from the combined effect of the forward and backward movements. The way dancers position their body differentiates one step from another. The beauty of this dance lies in coordination and graceful movements of the couples.

Basic Dance Moves for Men

The basic step starts with the man taking a forward step with the left foot, while keeping some weight on the right foot. Then he has to sidestep to the left side with his left foot and move his right foot towards the left foot. Then he has to sidestep to his left side with the left foot and, step backward first and then to the left with your right foot.
Now the weight must shift to his left foot and he must step forward and then move towards the right with his right foot. The next step is to move his left foot towards the right foot and sidestep to the right with his right foot.

Basic Dance Moves for Women

For the women, the basic step starts with the woman stepping back with her right foot. The weight should shift to her left foot. She needs to sidestep to the right side with her right foot and move the left foot towards the right foot. For the next step, she needs to sidestep to the right with her right foot.
Next she has to take a step forward and then take a step to the right with her left foot. With the right foot in place, the weight must shift to the right foot. Now she needs to take a step backward and then move towards her left with her left foot. She has to move her right foot towards the left foot and sidestep to the left with her left foot.

Cha Cha Slide Dance Steps

Do you know how to do the Cha Cha slide? First take a step to the left. Cross your right leg behind your left. Move towards your left, making sure that your right leg touches the side of your left leg. You should then take a couple of steps.
First move your right leg and then move the left one. After this basic step, you need to move to the 'Hop and Stomp sequence'. For this, you need to hop and then move your right foot up and stomp it. The same step must be done with the left foot.
Respond to the 'Cha Cha now y'all' call by stepping with your right foot over the left. This must be followed by a step back, first with the left foot and then with your right foot. Now it's the time for the 'Turn it Out' step.
Take a turn towards your left and step with your right foot to the right. At the same time, move your left foot with the right. Repeat the same step, but this time you need to take a turn towards your right. This step ends with the left foot touching your right foot.
Bring them together side by side. For the 'Clap and Cross', you need to clap sixteen times and jump twice on hearing the word 'Crisscross'. Cross your left leg over the right one and jump. Now cross your right leg over the left leg and jump.
The next step is called 'Sliding to the Left and Right'. Step to the left side. Slide your right foot and touch your left. Step with your right foot and slide to your left. Do a twist to end this sequence. After the twist, do the 'Bring it to the top' step, by jumping up with your hands in the air.
Now cross your hands and place them on your knees and jump along with the beats of the music. Now do the 'Charlie Brown' step, which means jumping forward on one leg and then back on the other and kicking the front knee up as you jump back. Once the jump is over, freeze in a dramatic pose.

Cha-Cha-Cha Dance

Once you learn these basic dance moves, you could try out all types of dance moves and enjoy dancing to the foot tapping music. The Cha Cha dance is all about rhythm, so listen to the sound of music and dance away to glory. Enjoy!